Clark Pines Civic Associaton

Jan 2009 Mtg Mins

Evelyn & Kevin Shanley's home at 1815 W 14th

T. J. Marks, Division Manager Central Memorial Division, City of Houston Parks & Recreational Department

Our neighbor Jack Chism contacted the Parks Department to ask that the East T.C. Jester Esplanade from Wynnwood to Bevis Street be planted with trees.

T. J. Marks presented a slide show of the Parks Department?’s newly embraced concept of ?“Linear Forests?”. This ?“green?” concept differs from current esplanade practices inasmuch as the grass around trees is replaced with native hardwood mulch.

The benefits of this practice are multiple:
1. It eliminates the need for mowing and edging of grass areas which results in saved labor and energy costs, saving tax payers money and reducing CO2 emissions.
2. The grass clippings resulting from edging that are often left close to storm water inlets, no longer contaminate our bayous and Galveston Bay, good environmental practice.
3. Shallow roots and trunks of trees will no longer be damaged by maintenance crews.
4. New tree seedlings will not be mowed off, allowing the establishment of a natural tree canopy.
5. The mulch will retain storm water and improve esplanade soils which consist traditionally of alkaline road building materials.

As an example of a maturing ?“Linear Forest?” in our neighborhood, T.J. Marks pointed to the esplanades along Memorial Drive between Westcott and Loop 610.

January is the ideal time of year to plant trees and shrubs. Therefore, Clark Pines Civic Association in agreement with the members present at the meeting promised to send a letter to the Joe Turner, Director of the Parks Department requesting that the East T.C. Jester Esplanade be planted as a ?“Linear Forest?”. Once available, we will advise the date and time of the planting and will encourage Clark Pines residents to participate in the tree planting project.

6:55 p.m. Meeting called to order by Mary Abshier, President.

Mary Abshier, Art Warman, Kevin Strickland, Kevin & Evelyn Shanley, Joseph Schwieterman, Mary Saegert, John Watson, Sherry Parker, Maria Moraczewski, Dixie Friend Gay, Tim & Vicki Bailey, Sylvia McCormack, Laura Thomas, Jack Chism

The Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed electronically and approved.

Contact treasurer for balance. CPCA 2009 Projected Budget presented and approved.
Adjournment 7:20 pm followed by Potluck Dinner.

1. It was agreed that the proposed changes to the by-laws be distributed electronically to all members for review. Corrections to the proposed by-laws should be directed to President Abshier.
2. The slate of 2009 Officers was elected by acclamation:
a. President Mary Abshier
b. Treasurer Art Warman
c. Secretary Kevin Strickland
d. Immediate Past President
Evelyn Born Shanley
3. The following general meeting dates were proposed for 2009:
a. January 3
b. April 4
c. July 11
d. October 3
Please contact Mary Abshier if you would like to host a general meeting at your house.
4. It was agreed that dinners should follow the general meeting so that neighbors would have time to socialize.
5. It was agreed that Clark Pines Civic Association would offer a stipend to the host of the meeting for reimbursement of costs and time.
6. Kevin Strickland has set up a Yahoo Newsgroup for Clark Pines. Please contact Kevin by e-mail for user instructions. His address is:
7. Proposed changes to Clark Pines Civic Association by-laws separately attached.

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Born Shanley

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