Clark Pines Civic Associaton

Apr 2010 Mtg Mins


Date: April 10, 2010 

Location: Karen Wylie's & Carl LaValle's home, 2002 West 14th ½  Street


Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mary Abshier, President. at 6:05 PM.


Mary Abshier, Art Warman, Charlotte Feaganes (guest), Karen Wylie, Carl LaValle, Evelyn Shanley, Mary Saegert, Tori Williams, Bernie Fuller, Jennifer Hall, Patrick Hickey, Barbara Carroll, John Watson, Rochella Cooper, Barbara Garvin, Sylvia McCormack,  Jack Chism and Carol LeClair. Gary Antene & Patia Antene arrived after the adjournment of the business meeting.

Minutes Approval

The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed electronically and stand approved as published.

Treasurer's Report

 Contact treasurer for financial report.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM.  A potluck dinner followed.


          The 14 ½  Street mail delivery problem has improved due to the diligence of our current mail carrier. However, when other carriers are on duty misdeliveries still occur. One resident has had good luck by spelling his address 14th ½ Street. Adding the “th” to the numeral 14 prior to the ½ appears to solve the problem.

           Rochella Cooper reported that her appliances had been stolen out of her newly built house, even though they had been secured. Thieves broke down her front door.

           Jennifer Hall who lives in one of the Northgate Homes on 14th ½  Street reported that her house was broken into on the day she moved in. She also reported that a man with a British accent is stalking a woman in her neighborhood.

           Mary Abshier emphasized that all criminal activities need to be reported to the police.

           Barbara Garvin, newly appointed chair of the Clark Pines Beautification Committee, reported on her research and efforts to establish a community garden in the public right of way on the southwest corner of West 14th and Dian Streets. She has been in touch with various public entities and thinks that the “Adopt-A-Ditch” program might be the best route to take. This program offers assistance for one year with installation of raised beds, fences, etc. CPCA will have to provide a CoH water meter and line to the community garden site. Barbara Garvin feels strongly that all interested members should take classes at Urban Harvest. The next available Community Garden Classes will be held on the following dates:

          Monday, May 3, 2010                       Organize                        $5.00

          Wednesday, May 12, 2010               Design                         $22.00

          Wednesday, June 2, 2010                 Implement                   $22.00

 All Classes are held from 2:00 to 4:30 PM. Classes are free to Urban Harvest members who pay yearly dues of $30.00/Individual or $40.00/Family.

            Several members signed up to take these classes. Volunteers for this project should contact

Barbara Garvin at

           Prompted by Rochella Cooper, Barbara Garvin explained that organic principles will be applied for the Community Garden.

           The Beautification committee will also be working on enhancing the entrances to Clark Pines with plantings and larger signs.

           It was emphasized that CPCA has had a web page and Yahoo group page for over a year.  There is now a newly established Facebook page. Any resident who is a member of any of these groups can freely communicate with the whole neighborhood.

           Mary Abshier gave individual instructions on how to use these communication tools.

           Respectfully submitted,

           Evelyn Born Shanley

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