Clark Pines Civic Associaton

Oct 2009 Mtg Mins

Location: Laura and Simon Thomas’ house, 2011 W. 14th, Houston, TX 77006 


Call to Order

6:07 p.m. Meeting called to order by Mary Abshier, President. Agenda distributed.


The Minutes of the previous meeting on 7/11/09 were distributed electronically and approved.

Treasurer's Report

Report for October 10th distributed:

figures available upon request


Adjournment around 7:30 pm


1)     Election of officers for 2010 – Evelyn Shanley

  • No new nominations received
  • Current officers nominated to continue for 2010

        i.      President – Mary Abshier

       ii.      Vice President – Carl LaValle

      iii.      Treasurer – Art Warman

      iv.      Secretary – Kevin Strickland

  • Nominations accepted and approved by all of those present

2)     Treasurer’s report by Art Warman

  • Process for paying incidental expenses in 2010 needs to be reviewed
  • 2010 budget needs to have a portion set aside for incidental expenses

3)     Update on the HPD Positive Interaction Program

  • Carl LaValle attends regularly on behalf of Clark Pines
  • Crime statistics are provided by district

         i.      Harris County is #1 in the country for DWI fatalities

  • The Clark Pines website has a link to these crime statistics

4)     Update on the Greater Heights Super Neighborhood Council

  • Mary Abshier attends on behalf of Clark Pines
  • Volunteers are needed for many of the committees (particularly Crime Prevention and Infrastructure); contact Mary for more info

5)     Update on the Heights Police Storefront

  • Clark Pines pledged $250 for shelves to display information for the public
  •  Agenda for 10/10 meeting

6)     Update on the TC Jester Esplanade Tree Planting

  • Jack Chisolm organizing the event; will confirm details and send to Mary Abshier to distribute to Clark Pines
  • Tentative date is Saturday, November 14th at 8 am
  • Volunteers and donations needed
  • 100% volunteer effort; the city provides guidance only

7)     Update on traffic calming

         i.      Evelyn Shanley has made a 311 request for an additional stop sign at 14th and Dian (to turn it into a 4 way stop)

        ii.      Neighborhood could use more speed bumps but city has no budget; stop signs are much cheaper and faster to request

       iii.      Need members for a traffic calming committee

8)     Update on beautification

         i.      Request for members of a beautification committee

         ii.      2 projects suggested:  1) Community garden using the easement at 14th and Dian;  2) Signage and landscaping at     

                 14th & 14th ½ which is a natural entry point to Clark Pines

9)     Update on SMLS/SMBL petition for W. 14th ½

  • Kevin Strickland has only collected enough signatures to represent 35%
  • Can submit without 51% but subject to protest
  • Tori Williams offered to help submit the petitions

10) Update on Clark Pines website

  • Mary Abshier has created and started to populate with information
  • New website address:

11) Homes volunteered to host 2010 meetings:

  • January 9 – Maria Moraczewski, 1806 W. 14th
  • April 3 – Carl LaValle & Karen Wylie, 2002 W. 14 ½th
  • July 10 – Tori Williams, 1809 W. 14 ½th
  • October 2 – Evelyn & Kevin Shanley, 1815 W. 14th

12) 2010 Planning Survey

  • Mary Abshier put together a membership survey so that Clark Pines residents can provide input into 2010 issues


Respectfully submitted,

Kevin J. Strickland

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